"The Realms" Heavy Fuzz / Distortion Pedal
The Realms is a crushingly heavy fuzz pedal that takes it's original design from the classic Fuzz Face.  But this is no ordinary fuzz pedal.  The "Realms" knob controls how much bass is allowed into the beginning of the circuit. ...
**SOLD OUT**"The Realms" Prototype
This is the very first Realms pedal.  This one is a bit more wild than the production model.  Developed by the wizard at Heathencraft FX.  This is the pedal that started it all.
Frayle "D.A.M. Black Acid" inspired fuzz pedal
Acid etched "Black Acid" pedal from Heathencraft FX.  This pedal is based of a D.A.M. Black Acid but tweaked to be even more aggressive.  Featuring a custom acid etched design of Frayle's singer Gwyn.  Used live on tours throughout North...
Fayle "Switch Witch" pedal settings stickers
Set of 7 "Switch Witch" stickers.  Use a sharpie to draw in the settings on your pedals for quick recall.  And they glow in the dark!
Black Lion Auteur MKI Two Channel Preamp
This is the original Black Lion Auteur Preamp.  This preamp was used to record all vocals, guitar, and bass on "The White Witch EP" and most of "1692".  It has a sound that leans a bit towards the Neve end...
Doom Box Guitar Amp (Blackheart BH-5H)
This special little amp has been with us since the beginning.  It's tone is somewhere in between the low end sag of a Matamp GT120 and the high end chime of a Fender.  At only 5 watts it's not extremely...
Behringer FBQ800EQ (used by Frayle)
Behringer FBQ800 used for years by Frayle on tour (EU and US) for Gwyn's in ear monitors.  This unit is in good shape.  The photo with the tape shows how the unit was used on tour.  This was used at...
$135.00 $120.00
**SOLD OuT**Orange FS2 Footswitch (used by Frayle)
Orange FS2 Dual Function Foot Switch pedal used for years by Frayle in their studio.  This unit is in excellent shape. Footswitch for Your Orange Amp! The FTSWCH-Dual is a dual-button footswitch for compatible Orange amplifiers. Tech Specs Type:Orange Footswitch...
Behringer DD400 Digital Delay Pedal (used by Frayle)
Behringer DD400 Digital Delay Pedal.   Used for years by Frayle in their studio.  This unit is in excellent shape. With 7 modes of delay to choose from, there is a vast pallete of echoes to explore with the DD400....
Morley ABY Switcher (used by Frayle)
Morley ABY Switcher pedal used for years by Frayle in their studio.  This unit is in excellent shape.
** Sold Out** Signed Sabian 22" AA Apollo Ride Cymbal (cracked on tour)
This signed Sabian 22" Apollo Ride cymbal was cracked while being used on our North American tour with Cradle of Filth.  Signed by all members of Frayle.
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